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Privacy statement

By law. No. 101/2000 Coll. about personal data protection, all personal data we process

(names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses) are protected against misuse of third parties. They are only used to deliver an order or to communicate with a customer.


What happens when you order from our Online Shop

• We tell you the Total incl. postage. Minimum order by international Shipment: 100 Eur
• We send the parts within 96 hours, after receiving payment

Bank transfer - Bank Transfer fees have to be paid by the buyer
• Bank details / Euro Account:

Motomania Kft.  H-9400 Sopron 

IBAN: AT933300000001124817


Payment has to be made before sending.

Parts will be sent after we receive payment.



We ship motorcycles worldwide
Please ask for a quote for shipping to your country by air or sea or road

• All prices, stated on the internet site, are excluding shipping costs. After we receive your order, we will inform you about the shipping costs and give you a TOTAL
• We only charge for shipping costs, we get charged by our shippers
Order Address = Shipping Address
The address you state on the order form, we will use as shipping address, if not pointed out to us differently on the order form.

Minimum Order
We only send orders up 100 Euro value.
Telephone Number
Please provide your telephone number, when you make your order. We forward it to the shippers, so they can contact you, when they would like to deliver your parcle. We are not responsible, if you are not contactable.

Our shop is only open by appointment.
Please make an appointment by Telephone 0036 30 2352-377 or by E-Mail

Shipping Address

Parts and bikes in stock
All the parts and motorcycles, you see on our internetsite, belong to us and are in stock.

Used Parts
Please note: All used parts are sold without guarantee. All used parts and Magnetos and Dynamos are sold for restoration, except the dicprition on the article tells different.

Please provide your telephone number, when you order.
Shipping firms need to contact you, when they would like to deliver your parcle. So there is no excuse for shippers not to deliver your parcle, they can contact you by telephone.

Business Terms for spareparts:
Complaints within 8 days after receipt of the commodity. Area of jurisdiction is Sopron.
Regarding exceeding of the terms, bank-moderate interest is billed. 
Please note: If we delivered the wrong parts, please send them back within 8 days after receiving and you will get your full money back, no postage costs.
If you would like to return parts, because you ordered them in error, you can do this within 8 days, but you will only get 50 % back, no postage costs.
No guarantee on used spareparts.

Business Terms for Motorcycles:

No guarantee for used motorcycles. All goods are sold “as they are” at the moment, inclusive of their faults and defects, visible or not visible. All goods are sold with or without their accompanying documents such as registration papers, test reports, dating certificates et cetera. All goods are sold as collectors’ items and as material witnesses of human activity that can serve to study past generations and industrial development. They should only at the buyer’s risk be used for their originally intended purposes. 

Terms of payment and delivery require verbal agreement. If you make a deposit and then change your mind, or your circumstances are such, you can not take delivery, your deposit is lost. Any other terms, need to be written on the invoice. Deposits are non refundable.

VAT Spareparts
All prices of spareparts include 27 % VAT.

No VAT f. used Motorcycles
There is NO VAT with used Motorcycles and Spareparts.
Important informations
Please make an appointment before visiting us!!! Tel. 00-36- 30-2352-377 or E-Mail:
If you inquire in our Online-Shop for an article or you make an order through our Online Shop, please provide your correct E-Mail address, it does not show automatically. Otherwise we can not respond to your inquiry or order.
Not all motorcycles, we have in stock, are listed in our website.

Motomania Kft.

H-9400 Sopron

VAT Nr.: HU23145023

telephone 00-36-30-2352-377
address H-9400 Sopron